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Diabetes sweet … History of the cure

December 11th, 2010 · Comments Off

A dangerous story about diabetes and sugar from the web, said to be a “True Story”. Please read the warning at the end!

In a time not too long ago, lived a girl named Marly.  She was born on the pale side of health and never seemed to get better. At six was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes.Then started off in minimum time to save his life. Heavy dose of insulin. Seventeen different drugs. But nothing worked. His body decayed gradually began to close. First the bladder. Then kidneys. Then the liver.

His mother, in a frantic effort to buy time, wanted to donate a kidney. But doctors rejected. It was too late. The damage too great.  Marly went home to die.

But on the other hand someone suggested giving him sugar. At first, horrified the mother of Marly. But on the other hand she became convinced enough to add eight simple sugars in the diet of her daughter.

Nothing happened … at first. It took time. But on the other hand the improvement began to shine behind the face of loss of Marly.Gradually, his organs started functioning again. The prescription drugs were lost. Her insulin requirements were cut in half. Today, Marly is a young energetic 12. Loves sports. And she is trying to cheerleading.

Do the simple sugars healed?

No. The simple sugars have no healing power of their own. With all the recent discoveries that won Nobel Prize in medicine have confirmed they are essential to the functioning of human cells. And the cells that perform the cure. Not only heal but, as in the case of Marly, the damage caused by the disease often is reversed.

Is diabetes the only disease affected by these simple sugars?

No. There are thousands of testimonials from people with debilitating illnesses and life-threatening of life that have helped. Arthritis Cancer Fibromyalgia … … … … and that is just the beginning of a long list.

So why have you heard this?

The science of simple sugars is relatively new. Most sugars are classified as “food” which would place them below the radar of most doctors. This means you may have to check out the science on their own. There are a number of resources available.  Eventually becomes standard medical treatment. But until then, many people suffer and even die due to lack of knowledge. Is not one of them.

Warning: This is a story from the web. Medically seen it can be very dangerous to treat diabetes with sugar. In fact sugar can endanger life of diabetic persons.

Diabetes is a condition which requires careful intake of food, especially of sugar and other carbohydrates. But also fat and proteines need to be controlled.

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Nightmare bald – hairloss and hairtransplants

December 11th, 2010 · Comments Off

Where curls just yet welled make often at a young age and receding hairline wide after several years only a fringe of hair remains. This is the genetic hair loss, from which men are mostly affected. However, the hair loss also have very different causes, one would often not even think. Therefore, a self-initiated therapy with preparations from the chemist is often ineffective or even harmful. For if the failure is triggered by allergies such as food or a wrong, you can only do so effectively just something about it, when you realize this and target changes.

When hereditary hair loss, there are unfortunately are not really convincing means. But we must not despair. For the modern microsurgery has become apparent in a position of the sturdy fringe of hair along with the individual hair roots and then head back to use. This method is known as hair transplantation or hairtransplant (german haartransplantation) and it’s really amazing what a deceptively real result can be obtained here.

The requirement is that you turn to a specialist with an experienced team. The surgery itself is harmless and safe. But if the hair is not precisely set, then the result can be so bad that the whole procedure must be repeated. Therefore, it is important to conduct a thorough interview before and just set the desired hairline. The surgeon may in the transplantation of hair precisely determine the direction of growth and thus help end the process to hide the bald patch under deceptively naturally growing hair (For examples look at the webseite from HLC Dr. Özgur Tuerkey/Istanbul). The quality of life increases significantly and you can finally venture out in public without a hat.

In the past the TV Station from Switzerland showed 2 good movies about hairtransplants. One was seen in the Tagesschau about in german “Haartransplantation Berlusconi” in english hairrestoration berlusconi and in an special tv format for health in german “Glatze! Haarausfall! Kann Haartranplantation helfen?) in english ” Totaly bald! Hairloss! Can hairrestoration help?”.

Both movies are showing interesting details from hair transplant and hair restoration. But the first from the “tagesschau” is only about 2 minutes but and the other from “puls” over 15 minutes “Haartransplantation Berlusconi” .

If you want see more videos about hairtransplants visit the website for the german speaking market and klick on more videos and infos more. “videos and infos” . Here you see some good explanations and also one hair transplant example and an guy who had hairloss and found hairtransplant as an solution for him.

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Massage chair – force your health/relaxation

December 11th, 2010 · Comments Off

Besides massage oil and other accessories needed a massage therapist, who earns his money to patients to go home to them to massage in your own four walls, of course, a professional massage chair ( not an relax or massagesessel ! ). Because on the couch at home or even on the carpet or on the kitchen chair massages can be simply not perform so well. A massage chair in this case must also be easy to transport. The characteristics that have a massage chair in this case, in any case must of course that this is as small as possible to fold. For the massage therapist has very little room in their vehicle and can not afford most vans. It is also important that the massage chair is super light and has an ergonomic design.

A headrest, armrest and a part of a breast should not only be present at the massage chair. These parts of a massage chair should, of course, with a handle can be quickly and easily adjusted. Massage chairs of today have a low weight and usually only weighs 10 kilos. Such a massage chair is therefore easy to transport to a higher ground floor, if for the house, the residence of the customer, should have no lift. But not only should such a masseur massage chair can push  your health, but every service provider in the field of physiotherapy, orthopedics, and a relaxation therapist or steam shower can be useful, such a massage chair but also for a hair stylist or a tattoo artist. may be also useful, such a massage chair for performing acupuncture. Loads, such a massage chair up to 150 pounds.

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California Health Insurance Quotes

March 2nd, 2008 · Comments Off

An interesting site now offers California Health Insurance
from many different carriers, for example Pacificare, Kaiser, Blue Shield, HealthNet, Blue Cross, Universal Car. Individual and group quotes are given online in seconds.

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Keep your health when retiring

February 29th, 2008 · Comments Off

To stay fit some health tips are essential:

Aerobics Tips

  1. Dancing : If you are interested in dancing join a dance class. The good thing about it is, if you are interested you get totally into it giving 100% yielding 100%.
  2. Time : You should do aerobics for 20 minutes daily straight. You can always divide it into two 10 minute sessions.
  3. Walking : You are going for a walk, why not take the stairs instead of elevator. Taking a walk after lunch or before dinner, watching some nice things in the surrounding won’t hurt you. Try taking a walk in the neighborhood every day. Park your car a little disctance from your normal parking place. While going shopping, walk for 10 minutes – so your are done with it for the day.
  4. Swimming : Swimming is a far better and most effective exercise than walking and dancing described above, and can be done even when having a health problem (in most cases). Ask your doctor.
  5. Keep slim: Too much weight kills. It is one of the most important thing to keep your
    weight loss under control. Any BMI (body mass index) above 30 will definetly create health problems, so try to come down with a diet and stay below 25 for optimal health

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A place for infos: Insurance community

February 29th, 2008 · Comments Off

The AmPmInsure Community is an online community which is trying to provide you with all the information about insurance. It is covering not only health insurance, but also other insurances. There is a lot of helpful information, and in addition a good forum as well where one can ask any insurance related query or share their insurance experiences.

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Cheapest Health Insurance

October 4th, 2007 · Comments Off

Cheapest Health Insurance

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